The historic city of Dubrovnik offers accommodation in the city center, as well as in the entire Dubrovnik Riviera. This magnificent town as one of the top destinations in Croatia has to offer various types of accommodation. Apartments, rooms, houses, villas and hotels can be one of your choices for a perfect holiday. Apartments are most commonly offered in Dubrovnik and can be found in more than one category. You can choose between studio apartments or apartments with double or more bedded rooms. They offer apartments with 3 stars, but also luxury apartments with 4 or 5 stars. Experience Dubrovnik in all its glory: enjoy watching the historic center, relax on the beach and have fun in the evening. The city of Dubrovnik, together with the surrounding areas of Konavle and Rijeka dubrovačka are parts of Croatia's southernmost holiday destination. Dubrovnik is known worldwide as a true pearl of the Mediterranean, but one must not forget the picturesque towns, replete with history and exquisite nautral beauty, which surround the city on both sides and greatly add to its appeal. During the existence of the Republic of Ragusa, the area was one of the few oases of liberty in the region. Through skillful negotiations with the Venetians and Turks, Dubrovnik and its diplomacy were able to maintain their freedom until the arrival of Napoleon's troops. "Liberty" continues to symbolize Dubrovnik and the surrounding area.