Cultural events in Croatia


Libertas Film Festival

The festival takes place in the summer months, usually in early July. Here are shown the feature, documentary and short films of independent producers. Film program attracts an increasing number of movie fans, visitors who are looking for culture, and those who want to have fun. Each year the program includes the unknown cinematography, films of Portugal, Norway, Hungary and the exotic Cuba. The program "Midnight Madness" is dedicated to the fans of horror and crime films. All films are shown under the starry sky, on the streets of the city walls and on the roof of the fortress Revelin.

The festival was visited by now well-known film experts and international stars, among them are: Chris Cooper, Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, Relja Basic, Vinko Bresan, Michael Ohoven and many others.

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Folklore ansaml Lindjo

Lindo is a symbol of the good spirit of the City. Ensemble in the summer in Dubrovnik holds its performances every Monday and Friday at the premises of the Lazaretto at 21:30 pm. Also participate in the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Lindo Folk Ensemble was founded in 1964. year. Since that time the ensemble had about three thousand members. The ensemble has about 1500 costumes which still wearing the members when performing their national dance.

He has won awards with their performances, and thus promote Dubrovnik worldwide. Lindjo is a part of the best folk ensembles in Europe.

International Film Festival

In Dubrovnik the International Film Festival takes place since 2003rd  as an initiative of international organizations “Dubrovnik Film Institute”. It is held at the end of June and visited by directors, actors, artists, musicians, composers and others of visitors from around the world. Festival has a competitive character, and the jury awards in the categories of documentary, feature and short films. In addition to these awards audience evaluate movies and actors, assigned the prize for lifetime achievement Libertas and Argosy for individual contribution in the field of filmmaking. 

Celebration St. Blaise

Sv. Blaise is the protector of Dubrovnik, a celebration every year starting at 3rd of February and is held in accordance with centuries of tradition. St. Blaise revered as the patron of the sick, and the celebration in his honor for the citizens of Dubrovnik means a special expression of many years of their faith. The traditional celebration of the Eucharist begins with a Mass, the procession continues outside the church, and ends in the afternoon with fun, mostly bingo. In the days of celebration of St.Blaise in Dubrovnik held a variety of theater performances, exhibitions in Dubrovnik's museums, cultural and entertainment events.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

"Dubrovnik summer festival" is held every year in July and August. This significant event was permeated by a variety of cultural and artistic program of literary events, folklore, folk music to film screenings, drama performances, concerts Philharmonic. The programs are a daily occurrence, and are held at various tourist attractions by location, on the terrace of the fortress Revelin, front of the church Sv. Blaise, the Rector's Palace Atrium, Atrium Sponza palace, and so on. Further information on


The festival choir in Omis

The festival choir in Omis has a tradition of organizing since 1967. , and was created to preserve the tradition of Dalmatian klapa singing and the whole Croatian folk culture. It is held every year from late June to late July. Participants of the festival male groups, female vocal groups, mixed, children and folk singers. More info at


Split Summer

Traditional summer festival of opera, drama, dance and music, takes place in the ambiance of the city of Split - in the historical center of the city. Held since 1954., and a special place in his program have opera. The festival hosts a number of music, drama, and dance performers from home and abroad. Best performances in music and drama prize awarded Judith daily “Slobodna Dalmacija”. It is held every year in July and August. More about the Split Summer Festival can be found at


Night Kalalarga

Every year in August in Makarska annual event called Night Kalalarga. It is a presentation of Makarska wealth of tradition and is held since 1994.  It is an event which is integral part of the Makarska cultural summer. It is about a party where guests enjoy the Dalmatian songs, dances, program, Dalmatian taste local cuisine and wine along the streets Kalalarga where can see the light of lanterns that give a special atmosphere to the event.

Summer Carnival

Great summer carnival in Makarska is held the first weekend in August and is a major summer spectacle with masked parade, concerts and entertainment. Brings together a large number of participants and the masked group who along with the attractive and crazy fest fun until the early morning hours. Summer Carnival brings together singers, dancers, locals and tourists, young and old, children and adults, and the entire port exudes a great atmosphere and funny masked characters.


Makarska Summer

The biggest Makarska cultural and entertainment event that takes place in the period from June to September, within the town of Makarska  and Tourist Board. Folk nights, pop and rock concerts, folklore, theater performances and concerts of classical music, entertaining concerts, which are organized almost every day during the summer are only a small part of the story that can evoke Makarska summer atmosphere. The opening ceremony is a kind of an announcement of what would be expected by visitors in the days of the festival.

"Makarska Summer" is the longest, the most and the best event in which everyone can choose something for themselves. The quality of the "Makarska summer" witnessed numerous names of Croatian and foreign artists, singers, actors and performers such as Ariana Culina, Exit Theatre, Ante Tomic, Ivica Ivanisevic, Lidija Bajuk, Folklore Lado, Zagreb Soloists, cold beer, Southampton University Symphony Orchestra, Cubismo, Ana Rucner, Željko Pervan, Natali Dizdar, Tony Cetinski, Prljavo kazalište, Parni valjak, Zabranjeno pušenje, Glumačka družina Histrioni, Elvis Stanić, Ansambl Bonaca, Klapa Maslina, Maksim Mrvica, and many others. It is important to mention local artists who are an essential part of this event.

This event (dating since 1994. and preceded by "evening under Biokovo Mountain") is trying, with increasing quality of tourism, preserve and present traditional symbols of Croatian heritage. The event is accompanied by a local and international attendees.


Fishermen’s nights

Fishermen's night is the night when in Makarska waterfront maintains a large folk festival, the main course of the evening is fish and seafood specialties, each specialty should pour with a good wine. Fishermen evening in Makarska are known competition in traditional dalmatian games, such as walking on the balance beam, race on donkeys, rope bed, stone throwing. All games are competitive event, and all winners carry home a prize famous Dalmatian ham. Neither Dalmatian festival wouldn’t be good without old Dalmatian songs, for which every year take care one of the domastic groups of Makarska.

In Makarska during the summer held several of fishermen's nights in July and August, and each is accompanied with entertainment, concerts and joy.


The villages that are mostly deserted, apart from places Tucepi are organized interesting cultural events, which are very original to preserve traditions of Croatian culture. In these villages (Srida Sela Podpec Čovići, Mravičić, Ševelj, Šimići Podstup), remained only a few taverns and residents have made sure that these sites protect their culture. Performances, exhibitions, literary evenings, concerts are just some of the events that give the seal of cultural programs of these places. Every week in another hamlet, in another ambient, the hosts are expecting visitors and tourists with a different scene and a different program. In each village are open fifteen taverns, sets the scene for the programs, on the walls of the old tavern hung the pictures for the exhibition, prepare a Dalmatian specialties (ham, cheese, sardines, risotto, baked cakes, krostule, and offers a good wine). Preparations and programs start in July and lasted until the end of the summer. Read more about these interesting events at

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