The gastronomy of Dalmatia, along the coast and on the islands, grew out of the tradition of natural and healthy Mediterranean food, based on vegetable dishes with olive oil, fish, clams, crab, wine, goat and sheep cheese, ham, and a variety of fruits, citrus, grapes, figs and almonds. The spices are commonly used are rosemary, bay leaves, garlic, sage, basil, marjoram…

The specialty of Dalmatian kitchen is the way the food is prepared, and the doctors consider it to be particularly healthy. The fish is prepared by stewing, boiled or grilled, and the meat roasted on a spit has a unique flavor. For starters provide a variety of cheeses, smoked, young or in oil and served with prosciutto and olives. Although it is about the dessert recommends fresh or dried fruit, and the cakes and sweets prepared with the addition of fruits and nuts.

Well known quality wines are Dingač, Carsko i kneževo wine, Pelješac, Putniković, Rukatac, Sv. Ana, Bolski plavac, Bolski opolo, Pelegrin, Admiral, Prošek as a dessert wine or liqueur.


Dalmatian flavors of the Mediterranean will fascinate everyone, especially those who love the sea…

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